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Update information for CubeSuite

Code Generator for 78K0R/Kx3

Changes from V2.00 to V2.02

Changes about GUI

Changed the "CPU and peripheral clock (fCLK)" selections so that "fMX/2^5" is not displayed. (When fMX < 4 MHz)
Changed the "one-shot trigger settings" so that the valid edge of the input pin can be selected.

Changes to output Code

The initialization code was fixed for when the output level is set to "Normal mode" when using send or send/receive mode. (The output level of the TxDn pin was set correctly in UARTn_Init())
Wrong: SO0 &= ~_0001_SAU_CH0_DATA_OUTPUT_1; /* output level reverse */
Correct: SO0 |= _0001_SAU_CH0_DATA_OUTPUT_1; /* output level normal */

The code in RTC_ConstPeriodInterruptDisable() was changed to use define names instead of literals.
Before change: RTCC0 &= 0xB8;
After change: RTCC0 &= _B8_RTC_INTRTC_CLEAR;

Changes from V1.21 to V2.00

Changes about GUI

GUI was improved.

Changes about UART

The following API was added to UART, and the processing of the reception server blade was changed.
   void UARTn_SoftOverRunCallback(UCHAR rx_data)

Changes about 3-Wire Serial CSI

The following API was added to three line cereal CSI, and the processing of the server blade was changed.
   void CSIn_ErrorCallback(void)
"Overrunn error" selection was added to the callback function setting.
Overrunn error

Changes about DMA controller

DMA controller's following API was corrected. (The mistake was found in RAM end address)

Changes about Simplified I2C Communication

When simple IIC was used by the receiving mode, the problem that was not able to be received according to the timing of interrupt was corrected.

Changes from V1.11 to V1.21

Changes about GUI

GUI was improved.
When simplified IICmn was used, it changed so that the "N-ch" check box of a port setting might be checked automatically.

Changes about generated code

When simplified IICmn was used, the output place of the code which sets up a N-ch open-drain was changed into PORT_Init function from IICmn_Init function .
When UARTn was set up in Continuous Transmission mode, the unnecessary code was deleted from the interruption function MD_INTSTn.

Changes from V1.10 to V1.11

Change of specification

The specifications of GUI and output codes have been changed with the user's manual revision.

Restrictions eliminated

One restriction described below have been eliminated.

Restrictions eliminated

The restriction described below has been eliminated.
No.1  Restrictions for IIC0 serial interface
[Applies to]
The procedure for initializing the IIC0 serial interface is different from the procedure described in the user's manual of the device.
The following functions in the output code pertain to the IIC0 serial interface.
・IIC0_Init( )                        --- Initialization
· IIC0_MasterSendStart( )     --- Master sending
· IIC0_MasterReceiveStart( )   --- Master receiving
· IIC0_SlaveSendStart( )       --- Slave sending
· IIC0_SlaveReceiveStart( )   --- Slave receiving

Changes from V1.00 to V1.10.

Support for RX78K0R V4.30 projects

The creation of RX78K0R V4.30 projects is now supported.

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