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Update information for CubeSuite

Code Generator for V850E/Sx3-H

Changes from V1.00 to V2.00

Changes about GUI

GUI was improved.

Changes about 16-BIT Timer TMP and TMQ

The interval timer function of TMP and TMQ was corrected. (problem that set value of output source code becomes illegal when correct numerical value is input)

Changes about link- directive-file

The directive that arranged the DATA section in an external bus was output. After it corrects it, the directive that arranges the DATA section in a built-in memory is output regardless of use/unused of an external bus.

Changes about RX850 Pro and CA850 Project

The extern declaration of tp, gp, and the ep symbol was added while it was start-up (CG_start.s) of the output at the project of RX850V4 and CA850.

Changes about 16-BIT Timer TMP6

The PFCE0 register did not exist in μPD70F3933, and when the function to use the timer output terminal with TMP6 was set, the problem of outputting the code that used the PFCE0 register in the TMP6_Init() function was corrected.

V1.00 was released.

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