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Update information for CubeSuite

Simulator for V850ES/Jx2

Changes from V2.60 to V2.61.

Simulation on CubeSuite V1.40

Supported simulation on CubeSuite V1.40. There is no functional change.

Addition of target devices

Following target devices are added.
µPD70F3797, µPD70F3798, µPD70F3799, µPD70F3800, µPD70F3801, µPD70F3802, µPD70F3803, µPD70F3804, µPD70F3805, µPD70F3806, µPD70F3807, µPD70F3808, µPD70F3792, µPD70F3793, µPD70F3794, µPD70F3795, µPD70F3796, µPD70F3809, µPD70F3810, µPD70F3811, µPD70F3812, µPD70F3813, µPD70F3814, µPD70F3815, µPD70F3816, µPD70F3817, µPD70F3818, µPD70F3819, µPD70F3820, µPD70F3821, µPD70F3822, µPD70F3823, µPD70F3824, µPD70F3825

Changes from V2.43 to V2.60.

Specifications changed when pressing Alt + F4 together in the simulator's GUI window

Specifications changed not to close it by pressing Alt + F4 together in the simulator's GUI window.

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