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Update information for CubeSuite

Stack Usage Tracer

Changes from V5.10 to V5.11.

Supported CA78K0R Ver.1.10

 It supported to CA78K0R Ver1.10.

Changes from V5.00 to V5.10.

Multicore support

 It supported to Multicore function of CX compiler.

Changes of stack size specification file for standard library functions

 Stack size specification file for standard library functions was changed for CX Ver1.10.

Changes from V4.01 to V5.00.

Support for C Compiler

 The following C Compiler is now supported.
  CA78K0 V1.10

Changes from V4.00 to V4.01.

Restrictions eliminated

The restriction described below has been eliminated.

No.1  Restriction on output folder for assembly file
 If conditions 1 and 2, below, are both met, then the Stack Usage Tracer cannot operate correctly on files for which the individual compile option is not set.
1. "Project for CA850" or "Library project for CA850" is selected as the kind of project
2. In the compile option, the "Output folder for assembly file" was changed from the default of %BuildModeName%

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