The product name of CubeSuite+, an integrated development environment from Renesas, 
has been changed to "CS+" from V. 3.00.00, which was released on October 1, 2014.

Changes from V1.21 to V1.30 (Nov. 1. 2012)

1. Increased number of nests that can be processed
     - The number of case label in a switch statement:  from 257 to 1024
     - The number of character in a logical source line: from 2048 to 32767
     - The number of macro-identifier which can be defined in a unit compiled at a time: from 32767 to 60000
     - The number of member in a structure or union: from 256 to 1024
     - The number of nesting levels in a macro: from 200 to 10000
     - The number of nesting levels in an expression enclosed with the parentheses: from 32 to 1024

2. #asm statement improved
     The following problem has been fixed:
     - In a C source file, if a symbol which is not managed by the C compiler and has a name of 9 characters or more is 
     externally defined and declared to be externally referenced by using #asm, E3405 error occurs during linking.
     This error has been removed in this improvement.

3. Restrictions eliminated
     The following restriction  has been removed.
          No.77: Restriction for a conditional operator
          The code will be incorrect if the 2nd operand and the 3rd operand of a conditional operator are a Boolean-type value.

Changes from V1.20 to V1.21

Caution of Ver.1.20 eliminated:
     The restriction described below has been eliminated.
     - Caution for error of the list converter