The product name of CubeSuite+, an integrated development environment from Renesas, 
has been changed to "CS+" from V. 3.00.00, which was released on October 1, 2014.

Changes from V1.30 to V1.31 (Sep. 30, 2013)

1. Improved output code
    ・ In case all optimization option except for -Osize is designated and the switch statement includes many case statement, 
       the output code might have been increased. In this version, this code had been improved.

2. Raising of restrictions
    Two restrictions below have been raised.
    ・ Problem with the consecutive bit manipulation processing (No. 13) 
    ・ Problem with the comparison involving type conversion and typedef (No. 14)  

Changes from V1.21 to V1.30 (Nov. 1, 2012)

1. Improved optimization/changed output code
    The optimization of the code size priority and the execution speed priority have been enhanced mainly. 

2. Support for CRC calculating function
    The following two options have been added for supporting the CRC calculating function.
    ・ -Xcrc
    ・ -Xcrc_method

3. Support for Option byte
    MCU with an option byte function is now supported.

4. -Xopt_option=-Ogc Option Added
    -Xopt_option=-Ogc option has been added. 
    When the optimization level is the default, the increase of the stack size can be suppressed.
    Note: Depending on a program, the increase can not be suppressed.

5. Raising of restriction
    The following restriction has been raised.
    ・ With branches to incorrect addresses by branch instructions (No. 12)