1.5 Standard and Professional Editions

There are two editions of the compilers, the Standard and the Professional editions.

The Standard editions support C90- and C99-compliant C-language specifications, and also provide the essential features for writing programs for embedded systems.

As well as the features of the Standard editions, the Professional editions have additional features which help to improve the quality of the customer's programs and shorten development periods.

The additional features of Professional editions are available through compiler options, #pragma directives and libraries.

For descriptions of the options only available for the Professional editions, refer to Table 2.2 Compile Options, or the descriptions of the individual options.

For descriptions of the #pragma directives that only the Professional editions support, refer to Table 4.15 List of Supported #pragma Directive.

See "7.1 Supplied Libraries" for libraries that are only supported by the Professional Edition.